How to take part at the networking

To participate in the live networking, please follow these instructions if you are at a desktop PC:

1. Please adjust your camera and turn off the sound

2. After a short welcome by Prof. Thun and the moderator of the day, you and the participants can retire to the pre-arranged team meeting.

3. Open “Show conversation”/”Unterhaltung anzeigen” in the menu bar (upper right corner) A chat window will open. In this window you will find the corresponding link to your private meeting room behind your name.

4. As soon as you have entered your meeting room, the floor is yours and you can enter into a direct exchange with the participants present. Please do not leave the main room! It remains open the whole time and serves as a helpdesk in case of problems.

5. Please also open the chat in your private room. We will inform you when the last 10 minutes and the last 5 minutes for the exchange have started.

6. When the time is up, please return to the main room with all participants. To do this, “leave” your room.

7. Return to the main room: simply switch the browser window to the main room and click “Continue”.

Participate with your cell phone

1. By clicking the program link teams opens on your mobile device (download the Teams App on your device in advance)

2. Click “Join Now”/”Jetzt teilnehmen” to enter the meeting room. Activate your camera and leave out your sound.

3. Touch the screen to see the camera, sound and entertainment icons.

4. Click to go to the overview of speakers who are available for networking in separate rooms.

5. End the call and select “Chat” in the upper left corner and you will be directed to the links behind which you will find the respective speaker.

6. If you have any questions or after the end of the networking end the call and click “Join” to get back to the main room.

If you have any questions or problems to enter the meeting please get in touch via email: