"The conference is an absolute success."
Julia Klöckner (Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture), 2019
"This World Food Convention brings together what should come togehter: research, politics, business and cicvil society organizations."
Joachim von Braun (Center for Development Research, University of Bonn), 2019
"What this conference helps to do, is synthetize, the people, the leaders around the world. These are real problems and you must adress them."
David Beasley (World Food Programme), 2019

Welcome to the World Food Convention - Digital Edition 2020

The corona pandemic poses a pressing challenge to our global food systems. As such, the global community is being called upon to act and ensure that the health crisis does not transform into a poverty and hunger crisis.

Decision-makers from across politicsbusiness, industry and professional associations, NGOs and start-ups all come together at the World Food Convention – Digital Edition 2020 to develop strategic alliances. Together, they pool their experience to work on and learn from the current situation, debate the future of agriculture, human eating behaviors, the food of the future and governmental interventions.


Everybody who is registered is able to contribute, to comment and to ask questions. 
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Topics of the World Food Convention



“The hunger crisis caused by Covid-19 cannot be solved by charity and donations alone,” said David Beasley (United Nations World Food Programme), at the virtual summit. He was joined by Dr. Agnes Kalibata, President of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), and Dr. Frank Terhorst, Head of Crop Strategy & Portfolio Management in Bayer’s Crop Science Division.


Watch the debate on how resilient Food Systems look like in and after the Covid-19 crisis. Leave Your comments and ideas!

According to EU Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski, the Green Deal stands for a resilient and sustainable food system in Europe. World Farmer President Theo De Jager and Stefanie Sabet, Managing Director of the Federation of German Food and Drink Industries (BVE), spoke to him about the opportunities and criticism of the Green Deal.


Watch the debate on the opportunities of the EU Green Deal for leaders, policymakers and society for the future  . Leave Your comments and ideas!

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How to participate in the World Food Convention – Digital Edition 2020

Welcome to the World Food Convention – Digital Edition 2020

On this platform you will find keynotes, panel discussions organized by the Verlag Der Tagesspiegel team and those of partner institutions. You will be informed about how you can contribute, roadmaps and upcoming events. Anyone who has registered can make a contribution, make comments and ask questions.

The World Food Convention – Digital Edition 2020 depends on your support to further advance the important issue of food.

Everybody who is registered is able to contribute, to comment and to ask questions. 
Registered for the physical World Food Convention? Please note that you must register again! 



“Smallholder farmers don’t have a safety net”

About two-thirds of the world’s 3 billion rural population live in about 475 million small farm households. The covid-19 pandemic poses an urgent challenge to them. We spoke to Adrian van der Knaap, Managing Director of the Farm to Market Alliance, about the impact  the crisis had on living conditions and political stability with a focus on Kenya. We ask the question: How can small farmers become resilient and reliable market players? Listen now.

„Europe needs to play a leadership role in climate change“

Experts are forecasting the first global economic depression in years as a result of the pandemic. Coupled with the challenges of climate change, the situation may turn for developing countries into an even deeper crisis of poverty and hunger. What role could the EU play in overcoming the crisis. Could the EU Green Deal even be a model ion climate change? This is what we asked Maflada Duarte (CIF) in this episode of Agenda Podcast. Listen now.

“We need to make the global food system much more resilient than it is today.”

Ways out of the global agricultural crisis – that was also the topic of the Tagesspiegel Podcast Agenda. Podcaster and journalist Philipp Eins asked Ingemar Bühler, Head of Public Affairs and Sustainabillity at Bayer Crop Science in Germany, about solutions that can make food systems more resilient in the future. Listen now.


EU Green Deal: opportunities and criticism

The Corona pandemic has shown how resilient Europe’s food system is, said Janusz Wojciechowski, EU Agriculture Commissioner. There were no problems producing food during the crisis. The difficulties were much more in transporting and distributing them across borders during the

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Global nutrition

In a guest article in the Tagesspiegel, Bayer CEO Liam Condon subscribes possible solutions that will secure the global food supply and make it resistant to crises like Covid-19. This includes for example continuous investment in agricultural science and research.

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