Here you find news and content related to the World Food Convention – Digital Edition 2020.

Coronavirus and the food industry

How much does the coronavirus burden the German food industry? Tagesspiegel-Authors Heike Jahberg, Laurin Meyer and Thorsten Mumme take a glance at the supermarket shelves. Crisis. What crisis? Germany is hoarding yeast, but Nestlé, the world’s largest food producer, continues

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World Food Program on the corona crisis

The coronavirus also affects the work of the World Food Programme: Expert Amer Daoudi talks on the starving, Covid-19 and crisis logistics with Tagesspiegel-Author Christian Böhme. Mr Daoudi, what does the pandemic mean for those who are starving? Global containment

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French fries crisis in Germany

The drought in Germany, full potato stores and the appreciation of farmers in corona times: On these topics Tagesspiegel-Author Heike Jahberg has conducted an interview with Farmers’ President Joachim Rukwied. Mr Rukwied, it has been very dry for weeks, now

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