EU Green Deal: opportunities and criticism

The Corona pandemic has shown how resilient Europe’s food system is, said Janusz Wojciechowski, EU Agriculture Commissioner. There were no problems producing food during the crisis. The difficulties were much more in transporting and distributing them across borders during the crisis. Farm to fork and biodiversity strategies are therefore not proposals for a new agricultural policy, but for a sustainable reform of the entire food system. Janusz Wojciechowski stressed that the Green Deal stands for a resilient and sustainable food system in Europe.

World Farmer President Theo De Jager criticised the EU Green Deal. He said that the deal is starting at the wrong end: “The driving force for sustainability is the market. The farmer produces what the market demands. Stefanie Sabet, Managing Director of the Federation of German Food and Drink Industries (BVE), formulated the opportunity in the Green Deal to harmonise the standards for sustainability. “It must change that farmers in the member states produce differently.”

The video of the panel discussion WHAT OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE FUTURE DOES THE EU GREEN DEAL OFFER LEADERS, POLICYMAKERS AND SOCIETY? will be online in the next few days.