Netiquette Online Events

In addition to the content we want our conferences to stimulate discussion in the
digital space. Comments from participants during our online events are therefore an
enriching element.

In this netiquette, we give advice and lay down some rules that you should follow
when writing comments. We also explain how our moderators intervene when these
rules are broken.

A good comment relates to the topic of the respective programme item.
Always maintain a friendly and respectful tone with each other.

Cynicism and irony are often not clearly recognisable in written comments. Use these
stylistic devices carefully to avoid being misunderstood.

Writing in capital letters is considered shouting on the internet. Therefore, we would
like to ask you to refrain from using this way of reinforcing your opinion.

Insults have no place in the discussion.
Discrimination and defamation of other participants, speakers or moderators as well
as social groups on the basis of their religion, origin, nationality, disability, income,
sexual orientation, age or gender are strictly prohibited.

Defamation and statements damaging to business or reputation may not be

Advertising and other commercial content have no place in the discussions. Please
do not post election or party advertisements. We will also delete calls for campaigns,
demonstrations or petitions.

Please do not publish personal or private data of others. Please also think carefully
about which of your private data you publish on the internet.

We strive to make the moderation of your comments as transparent as possible. The
following points describe how and when we intervene:

We remove comments if they violate the rules formulated above. In addition, we also
remove comments that do not make a constructive contribution to the discussion and
thus disrupt it.

We reserve the right to exclude participants from the discussion in the event of
serious or repeated violations of our netiquette by blocking their access.
Violations of the rules may also lead to us excluding you from participation in future

Keyword censorship: We do not censor. Only a state and its institutions could do
that. But we do exercise domestic authority on our pages. We see it as our most
important task to enable you to have a constructive discussion.

If you have any further questions, please

Best regards
Your World Food Convention Team