We have summarised frequently asked questions for you regarding the participation
in our events on the Hopin platform.

For better use, navigation and display we recommend using the platform on a PC,
laptop or MacBook.

We recommend the internet browsers Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (if possible
in the latest version), Safari and Microsoft Edge only work with restrictions. The
platform cannot be used with Internet Explorer.

The personalised link will only work correctly and direct you to the correct page if you
enable cookies in your browser. Make sure you can access the page (depending on
the IT environment in your company, certain pages or domains may be blocked).
– If you are connected to the internet via your company network in your office, please
ask your IT department if the link address is blocked and have it unblocked.
– If you are in your home office and access your company network via a VPN
connection, please deactivate the VPN connection and reopen the link to the
– If neither of the above works, please attend the event via a private device.

If certain content (YouTube videos, PDF files) cannot be used or is not displayed
correctly, this is probably due to internal IT restrictions. For some functions of the
platform (e.g. workshops and networking) you can get in direct contact with other
participants of the event via webcam and microphone. Please check whether your
browser is subject to restrictions regarding these functions due to your IT
environment. If the Hopin platform does not work properly in your company’s IT
environment, we ask you to participate in the event via a private device.
If you are on a work network or any network behind a firewall, you may need to
speak with your IT department or network administrator. When you do, please give
them theses websites to whitelist and these ports to open:

Please understand that we cannot test every possible hardware and software
combination in advance.
How to access an event as an attendee:

If you have any further questions, please
contact worldfoodconvention@tagesspiegel.de

Best regards
Your World Food Convention Team