World Food Convention Start-Up Pitch

Is your project ready for the stage?

Are you running a successful, innovative start-up in the novel food sector and contributing your ideas to securing the world’s food supply, or have you developed alternative methods of farming that have a positive impact on climate change? Then take the chance now and become a participant of our Start-Up Pitch, where you have the opportunity to present yourself and your company to an international audience.

We focus specifically on the four main topics of the convention, which are:

Food Security | Farm to Fork | Carbon Market and Farming | Innovations in Food 

We are thrilled to have the United Nations World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator join us for this year’s World Food Convention Start-Up Pitch. One of our participating innovators may be in with a chance to join the Innovation Accelerator Pitch Event focusing on rethinking global food systems in September 2021. The Pitch Event is invite-only with a high profile audience of governmental donors, private sector organizations, academia, UN agencies, humanitarian sector and other key players in the global innovation ecosystem.

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Your Benefits

  • Three pre-selected start-ups from an independent jury will be invited to a live presentation at the World Food Convention on June 24th at 6:00 p.m. CET
  • International audience from the field of nutrition
  • Increase in awareness-> the convention is broadcasted worldwide
  • Your image video will be presented on this website and will be available for participant voting
  • Your start-up will be promoted in advance of the event via our social media channels
  • As a participant in the Start-Up Pitch, you are automatically registered as a participant for the convention

The winner receives:

  • 10-minute fireside chat with the presenter
  • video recording of the fireside chat for later marketing purposes
  • Participation at the United Nations World Food Programme Innovation Accelerater

Take a look at great innovations in food systems, agriculture and environmental protection

Intech harness pvt ltd

We are a Agritech startup based in Pune, Maharashtra, India and have developed a Patent Granted, AI Driven and IoT ready Farmer Obedient Motor Controller for electric water pumps on agriculture farms used for irrigation with an ability to cover up the lost time. This can be used by individual farmers and its precision operations save a lot of water, power and eliminate the need for manual intervention to operate the pumps. Provides precise water to the fields based on timing provided by the farmer. Needless to say that precise operation results in huge savings of water and electricity. Farmers can make the daily activity of attending to pump operations redundant. Website

Haile Wako Integrated Farm

Decent Jobs for Youth Blog Post Adugna Haile Wako was born in August 16, 1985. Currently, Adugna is the CEO and Founder of Adugna Haile Business Consulting Firm and the Deputy CEO and Co-founder of Haile Wako Integrated Farm. He is also a certified business consultant, economist, entrepreneur and innovator. Adugna is the winner of 5,000 USD in equity investment, which he was awarded during the pitching competition of the 2020 YALDA Pre i-Boot Camp Virtual Summit in November 2020. The International Trade Centre’s Youth & Trade Team and the Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA) sat down with him to speak about all things surrounding the management of a sustainable youth business. What sparked your idea to create Haile Wako Integrated Farm? I was inspired to create an innovative agribusiness due to prevailing food and self-sufficiency challenges in Ethiopia. There is a huge gap between seeds demand and supply. The seeds supply accounts for < 3% annually, compared to a much higher demand coming from farmers across Ethiopia. This seeds supply shortage highly contributes to persistent food insecurity and undernourishment in the country. On average about 9 million people are suffering from food security challenges annually. These facts initiated us to establish Haile Wako Integrated Farm in September 2016. The farm is certified in seeds production and supply for the local market in Ethiopia.The agribusiness is registered on the UN Global Market Place (UNGM) website, which has been linking seeds supply businesses with UN agencies like FAO since 2017. The sister company Adugna Haile Business Consulting is currently operational and has signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) working agreement with a Tunisia-based company called the United Commodities. It imports and ships agro-processing plants for Ethiopian and Djibouti-based companies. Could you tell about the key role of sustainability within your business model? How do you work to achieve this? More than anything, it’s crucial for us to create enabling conditions for our fellow citizens. We want to ensure sustainability by helping small-holder farmers via the out-grower scheme, and by creating opportunities for youth and women by expanding and diversifying the business to the next level. Our sustainability philosophy is to benefit the current generation of farmers greatly, while not operating at the expense of future farmer generations. We have also developed an environmental policy, which is currently serving as a working document. How does your business support the local community? The farm is working with local farmers via the out-grower farmer scheme and via delivering technical assistance. We signed the out-grower contract agreement with 200 farmers to produce seeds. In addition, the farm now employs 20 youth on a permanent and 30 women on a casual basis. Farmers are selected for contract agreements based on their performance, good work ethics and the size of the farm area that they own. What is your long-term vision for your business? To diversify and to incorporate innovative business models into agro-processing activities like maize milling, tomato paste processing, feed processing and dairy processing plants. We also aim to employ even more women and youth in the future, as well as to expand our products beyond the local market and to eventually export processed foods. How can international agencies such as the UN, help young entrepreneurs in most effective way? The UN and other international development agencies need to play a critical role by taking into account youth entrepreneurs needs in policy and implementation initiatives with national governments. I also think that UN agencies can do their part in designing specific programmes for youth and women to bring about positive economic changes for the lives of young entrepreneurs. What advice do you have for the aspiring young entrepreneurs? Young entrepreneurs have a lot of untapped potential to convert problems into solutions through their drive and capabilities. I would advise all young entrepreneurs around the globe to have a vision, a great level of focus, high aspirations, and to create new innovative business ideas. Test and scale-up prototypes, develop a clear action plan and put those ideas into reality!


Hearthy aims to contribute to the vision of a society with no waste. Noticing human hair’s disposal and learning about their slow decomposing rates and potential uses, we came up with the idea of using it combined with compost as an organic plant fertilizer. Embracing sustainability and innovation, we have created a product that has many benefits to offer. Hearthy is an eco-friendly start-up that utilizes human hair waste into natural fertilizer through composting.

Prakshep Private Limited

Prakshep is a data technology company founded in 2016 which helps agribusiness utilize neural networks to automate efforts at scale. From large enterprises to startups, businesses of all sizes use Prakshep deep learning APIs to autonomously monitor farms, assess risk, plan operations, increase productivity, and save resources. Website

Kitovu Technology Company

Kitovu enables smallholder farmers to cut down input costs ,increase yields and sales by providing them with precise inputs, personalized soil and crop health insights, and market linkages. Website

Spectro-AG BV

Spectro-AG B.V. focuses on the design and development of artificial intelligence (AI) based solutions that use hyperspectral and multispectral remote sensing to address real challenges in precision farming, forestry, water management, environmental protection, infrastructure surveillance. Our solutions fit Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) platforms. We leverage optical sensor technologies and AI modelling including machine learning and deep learning algorithms to build new tools and knowledge. Website

Foodchain – Preventing food waste

FoodChain is a blockchain platform developed for the Shared Food Economy, which allows both food businesses and customers to benefit from reducing food waste. In order to establish a sustainable environment, FoodChain will create a gamified ecosystem that will cater for the needs of both businesses and customers. Customers have access to food at reduced rates, exclusive deals, peer-to-peer food sharing, and are rewarded for actively participating in sharing knowledge and ideas on reducing food waste at home. Businesses can increase their revenue by selling food that they would otherwise throw away, improve their marketing campaigns by tapping into data that had never been previously available, and consolidate their CSR initiatives by promoting food waste reduction. Close connection between companies can be established at the platform. The integrated Supply/Demand system can help Food Producers to be in-fast connection with Food Venues. This will help both to use exact economic values like particular needs, prices, times, etc. Website


Cyamonia's vision is to disrupt the current organic food market by introducing an innovative cutting edge technology for producing a high nitrogen fertilizer from the atmosphere using nitrogen fixing Cyanobacteria. Our automated photo-bioreactors operate on-site and produce ammonia from the air using the sun as an energy source. This will increase tremendously the availability of precision organic fertilizer for food growers worldwide, and drastically reduce the huge carbon footprint of fertilizers originating in the Haber Bosch process. Website

Green Gold Farms Ghana Limited

Green Gold Farms is a modern agricultural company whose mission is to grow, renew, transform and excel in a sustainable manner. We believe Africa can feed itself and its people can be empowered to lift themselves out of poverty. Our flagship project will serve as a blueprint for other nations in Africa to emulate. Adopting modern or advanced technological practices in areas like irrigation, hydroponics, disease and pest control, etc to maximize food production making Africa “the food basket of the world” and reducing drastically importation of food. Green Gold Farms Ltd. intends to leverage on Ghana’s geographically central location which places Ghana in a good place to serve as food basket to the West African sub-region. This combined with other equally conducive factors such as stability of government, good arable land, perfect climatic conditions, labour and a good business climate, ranked 1st in West Africa as the preferred investment destination, will ensure that the business thrives and meets investor’s expectations. We are starting our project on 700 hectares. Our mission is to move 1m Ghanaians out of poverty in remote areas and enhance sustainability. Website


IRRIOT is the European pioneer in wireless precision irrigation. It implements the next generation of commercial irrigation solutions. Using IRRIOT's wireless precision irrigation system the farmer will reduce the water usage with 50%, increase the crop yield with 30%, optimise human resources, reduce carbon footprint, and reduce eutrophication and soil erosion. Website

Nutritious Agriculture Network and Consultancy Limited

iPoP Africa is an agribusiness initiative under the Nutritious Agriculture Network LLC reclaiming the sovereignty of indigenous grains in shaping the future of snacking fulling the quest of a healthy population seeking healthier, plant-forward, on-the-go snack bringing robust ethnic flavors without giving up their moments of indulgence. We promote ecofriendly purchase of snacks by offering sustainable reusable packaging bags and making our customers tree heroes through our one snack one tree initiative as we create jobs for the youth and women. Website


Cup is an Agri-tech and Waste Management startup based in Egypt that builds a waste collection system to collect the spent coffee ground” SCG”, to maximize value out of it by reusing it to develop and empower solutions for the Agri-sector. We developed a highly efficient Agri-solution to cultivate mushrooms using the spent coffee ground as the main soil. In the meantime, we are working on the Research and development vertical, and horizontal which means we are developing new mushroom strains to offer to the market and developing new Agri-solutions out of the spent coffee ground to the Agri-sector in Egypt and the MENA region. Website


Michroma is a biotech company that uses filamentous fungi (versatile and multifunctional organisms that can be grown in scalable bioreactors) to sustainably and affordably produce natural food ingredients with high yield. We use fungi, precision fermentation, and synbio tools to create the next generation of natural ingredients for the food and cosmetic industry. Our first product is a high-performance, pH and thermal stable, food-grade colorant we are prototyping with the top and fastest-growing companies.

Vauttech India Pvt. Ltd

About Vauttech India Pvt. Ltd.: Vauttech India is an Indian IoT & Supply Chain Agribusiness Development Organization. Where we support farmers to sell and purchase their products through the help of a digital platform or separately through the help of our outlet. We have associated with Marginal Poultry Farmers, Dairy Farmers, and F&V Farmers, where they do their farming regularly as it is with a very small investment. Also, we support farmers to get funds from NABARD, Loans with minimum Interest Rate and within our group of farmers support each other. Our Basic motto is to help villages to generate fixed income to survive, Generate employment within the society, and create communication transparency within the organization and FPOs.We also support small and medium stakeholders, suppliers, and other manufacturers to introduces their products through our channel, where our farmers and stakeholders get direct benefits with less cost of wastage. Vauttech constant endeavor to deliver high-quality products has resulted in it becoming a household name to the farmer. This success has only inspired us to seek out more quality partnerships. With the intent to offer the best products to a large network of farmers, build lasting relationships with us. Our vision is to develop a sustainable ecosystem for poultry, dairy, and F&V sectors within the village. Also, we care about our environment where we focus to build Biogas Plant. Our main focus area on social development within the society where Remove Farmer distress and reduces suicide cases within the farmers and youths. Vauttech India Pvt. Ltd. is certified by STARTUP INDIA and Recognised & Supported by BIHAR AGRICULTURE UNIVERSITY SABOUR Website


Die Beziehung zwischen Stadt und Landwirtschaft ist verloren gegangen. Für Städter ist es schwer herauszufinden, welche Möglichkeiten es für gemeinschaftlichen Gemüseanbau und lokale Landwirtschaft in ihrer Nähe gibt. Wir glauben fest daran, dass eine zukunftsfähige Landwirtschaft auf einem Bewusstsein für die eigenen Lebensmittel und eine Beziehung zur Landwirtschaft aufbaut. Auf unserer Online-Plattform bringen wir Städter und Landwirtschaft zusammen. Wir schaffen einen Platz, wo Urban Gardenings, Gemeinschaftsäcker, Mietgärten, Solidarische Landwirtschaft und Gemüsekisten an einem Ort zu finden sind.